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I graduated from White River High School and went on to play basketball at Centralia College, where I received my associate's degree. After that I went to Clover Park Technical College to get my Certificate in Dental Management and Administration. I started working for Ossman Harding Dental in February 2014 where I have enjoyed meeting the patients and working with this wonderful team!

In my free time I enjoy playing games and attending sporting events. I'm also the Junior Girls Basketball Coach at White River High School, Go Hornets!

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I was born and raised in the Lake Sawyer area and graduated from Dental Assistant School in 2012. I was also trained as a planning and treatment coordinator where I enjoy interacting with our patients on a daily basis! I started working for Ossman Harding Dental in 2018 and I look forward to working every day with such an incredible group who are like family to me.

My fiance Andrew and I are getting married in November 2020 and we love to travel, be outdoors and spend time with our family and friends!

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I have been a Dental Hygienist since 2005 and with Ossman Harding Dental since 2012. I enjoy working with our entire team to help patients improve their smiles and have a comfortable and enjoyable dental experience.

When I'm not at work I enjoy spending time with my husband and our three amazing daughters! We love being outside in the sun and spending time in our family cabin in East Washington.

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I've been a dental hygienist with Ossman Harding Dental since 2008!! I graduated from Clark College in Dental Hygiene and then received my bachelor's degree from Eastern WA University.

I love my job because I can interact with both children and adults while providing excellent dental care. Our doctors and staff make coming to work exciting every day and I enjoy every second that I spend in our practice. I'm married to my high school sweetheart, Mark, and we have three amazing kids, Brooklyn, Gavin, and Blake. We love spending time with friends and family, taking our kids to all their sports and activities, and supporting the Enumclaw Hornets!

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I grew up in the Puyallup area and graduated from hygiene school in 2012. I started working for Ossman Harding Dental in 2018 and have enjoyed meeting all the wonderful patients and our amazing staff. My husband Jay was born and raised in Enumclaw and we have two children, Brantley and Hudson.

I knew I wanted to be a hygienist when I was 13 and I'm so glad I took that path; I really love what I do! I focus on encouragement and education to help patients build healthy habits for a beautiful smile.

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I grew up in the Puyallup area and graduated from Pierce College with a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Dental Hygiene. I have been with Ossman Harding Dental since 2020.

I love building relationships with patients and have a passion for helping people learn more about their teeth. In my free time I like to spend time with my family and friends. I also have an adorable cat named Sassy!”

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I've lived in Enumclaw for over 20 years. After receiving my Bachelors degree in Primary Education I decided to make a career change and received my RDH degree in 2012. I have been with Ossman Harding Dental since 2021.

I have a passion for teaching. I believe that the most important part of my job is to help patients understand the connection and importance between their oral health and their overall health.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband Chris, our two adult daughters, their loved ones and our dogs! I love spending time outdoors and am always up for hiking, mountain biking, paddling or snowshoeing! I also like to escape into a good book or tackle random DIY projects around the house!

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I joined Ossman Harding Dental in January 2005! I married my high school sweetheart and we have two boys and a daughter.

I'm always eager to learn and I love the sun, ice cream, exploring new places and being with my people.

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I have been a dental assistant for over 6 years and have been with Ossman Harding Dental since 2019. I love improving my patient's satisfaction and confidence in their smile!

I've been with my significant other since freshman year of high school where we grew up together in Des Moines. We enjoy nature and go to our cabin on the weekends.

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I was born and raised in the small town of Buckley; I've been going to Ossman Harding Dental since I was a child. In fact, I pursued a career in dentistry because of these doctors and their incredible staff. I attended Charter College to obtain my Dental Assistant License and have been an Assistant at this office since 2020.

I love building relationships with patients in my own community. It's important to me that our patients feel confident in their smiles and I love being a part of that process! I like to be outside on the weekends. I like snowboarding, surfing and longboarding.

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I have been working in the dental field for over 40 years and have been with Ossman Harding Dental since 2014.

I love helping people with their dental needs and any fears they might have regarding dentistry. In my free time, I enjoy spending quality time with my family and hiking with my husband.

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I've been with Ossman Harding Dental since 2020! I graduated from Tahoma High School and also Green River Community College in 2021 with my AA diploma. I like to play football, meet my family and friends and go shopping!

I'm on my way to becoming a dental hygienist and I can't wait to continue my dental journey! I love working with people every day and helping others.

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I've been with Ossman Harding Dental since spring 2022! I graduated from Sumner High School, received my dental hygiene certification through an accelerated program, and earned my AA degree from Green River Community College. I am very interested in the dental field and really enjoy what I do! I love all types of procedures from restorative work to surgical procedures and I intend to pursue further education in dentistry. I'm excited to see where this path will lead me!

In my free time I like to spend time with my two wonderful children, doing sports or traveling.
I firmly believe that life is what you make it, so I try to find joy in every little moment!

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I've been with Ossman Harding Dental since spring 2022! I've been a dental assistant for 16 years and grew up in Lake Stevens, Washington. What I love most about dentistry is helping children love the dentist and helping very anxious patients overcome their fear!

I love horses and race my 7 year old thoroughbred "Harley" locally. My husband and I are Enumclaw residents and we love being a part of this wonderful community!

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I have been with Ossman Harding Dental since 2020. I have an accounting and finance background as a CPA and came to the office from a corporate finance role at Starbucks.

I am grateful to now be part of the dental profession whose primary purpose is to serve our patients and promote overall well-being! My wife (Dr. Ossman) and I have a 2 year old dog that keeps us busy. I also love WSU and Seahawks football. I bet on the Apple Cup now!


Who is the most famous dentist? ›

Bill Dorfman is not just a famous cosmetic and general dentist, he is THE most famous cosmetic dentist world wide. Affectionately known as “America's Dentist,” Dr. Bill is widely recognized world-wide as a leading dentist who is responsible for creating smiles for many of Hollywood's brightest stars.

When did dentistry separate from medicine? ›

That started to change in the 17th century with Pierre Fauchard, a Frenchman who became known as the the father of modern dentistry. Fauchard aimed to elevate dentistry as its own science, separate from the doctors or alchemists or barbers who regularly pulled teeth.

Who was the first dentist in the United States? ›

Hesy-Re was an Egyptian scribe who lived around 2600 B.C. and is recognized as the first dental practitioner. Paul Revere, famous for warning Colonial troops that the British were coming, was also trained as a dentist by America's first dentist, John Baker.

Is dentistry the oldest profession? ›

This research paper explores some of the earliest known evidences of dental treatment and traveled through time discussing important figures who made vital contributions toward the development of this profession. Dentistry is one of the oldest professions to be developed.

Who is the most expensive dentist in the world? ›

The List of TOP 10 Richest Dentists in the World
RankDoctor's NameNet Worth (approx)
#1Dr. Dan Fisher$ 1.1 Billion
#2Dr. Richard Malouf$ 1 Billion
#3Dr. David Alameel$ 900 Million
#4Dr. Clint Herzog$ 100 Million
6 more rows
Jan 4, 2017

What dentist does Kim Kardashian go to? ›

Los Angeles cosmetic dentist Kevin Sands, DDS has treated some of the most well-known celebrities in the world, including Kim Kardashian, Shaun White, Charlie Sheen, Elle MacPherson, George Lopez, and Britney Spears.

Why don t dentists go to med school? ›

They are trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions, including cavities, gum disease, and misaligned teeth, and may also perform surgery on the teeth, gums, or bone. Dentists do not need to have the same level of medical knowledge as doctors, as they do not treat medical conditions outside of the mouth.

What is the oldest dental school in the world? ›

The Baltimore College of Dental Surgery became the world's first dental school when it opened in Baltimore, MD in 1840. It was the first school established to teach courses exclusively in dentistry for the purpose of granting degrees in the profession.

How did people remove teeth before dentists? ›

At first a sharp surgical instrument was used to separate the tooth from the soft gum tissue. Then, the tooth was grabbed with the forceps and were used in rocking movements. When the tooth was loose enough, they pulled it out using their fingers.

Who is the oldest person to have no cavities? ›

Make it to 94 with all your own teeth intact? You're a record-breaker. Which is precisely what Frank Medina of Stockton, CA has done. According to Ripley's Believe it or Not, Frank Medina is the “oldest man in the world with all his teeth who has never had a cavity."

What is the oldest dental school in the United States? ›

1867. In 1867, Harvard Dental School was founded. It was the first dental school in the United States to be affiliated with a university and its medical school, and the first to confer the Dentariae Medicinae Doctoris (DMD) degree.

Who is father of dentistry? ›

However, only one can be known as "the Father of Modern Dentistry." This title is bestowed upon Pierre Fauchard (1678-1761). Fauchard truly metamorphosed the primitive "practice" of dentistry at the time into a new vocation now fully deserving of the term "profession".

Is dentistry easier than being a doctor? ›

Typically, dentists experience less demanding work loads than physicians. While they might have adjusted schedules to meet the needs of their patients, most dentists can expect to work standard business hours and achieve relatively high levels of work-life balance.

Who is the longest working dentist? ›

Robert Henry Johnson, DDS, is believed to be the oldest practicing dentist in the U.S. at 90 years old.

Who is the youngest person to become dentist? ›

Currently, the youngest dentist to graduate dental school and get his license is Dr. Phil Chahine. He graduated in 2001 with his doctorate from the University of Montreal at the age of 22 years old! He's since gone on to become one of the most-regarded dentists in the field.

What is the most expensive tooth to fix? ›

Dental implants are the most expensive, and generally last, option for repairing a chipped tooth. The tooth must be significantly broken to require this method. Dental implants can cost between $3,000 and $5,000 per tooth. They require quite a bit of prep and aftercare.

What type of dentist makes the most money? ›

The highest-paid dental specialty is oral and maxillofacial surgery. Surgeons, including oral and maxillofacial surgeons, make a national average salary of $288,550 per year . These professionals are highly trained in both dental care and medical surgery.

What are dentist top salaries? ›

The highest-paying dental specialty is oral and maxillofacial surgery. On average, dentists practicing in this specialty make $400,000 annually. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons treat injuries and head, neck, face, and jaw diseases.

How are the Kardashians teeth so white? ›

Sands has said that the secret to Kim's beautiful smile is simply undergoing teeth whitening and Invisalign braces. According to Dr. Sands, Kim has teeth whitening twice a year to ensure a dazzlingly white smile. At age twenty-eight she also had Invisalign clear braces to straighten her misaligned smile.

Do celebrities get veneers or crowns? ›

While a large percentage of movie stars and celebrities still use veneers to achieve the “look” they want, not all of them have dental veneers. Sometimes, a combination of aesthetic services is used for the best overall results.

What does Kim Kardashian use to whiten her teeth? ›

You guys know that I love high smile. I use their toothbrushes, their toothpaste, all of their whitening products, and their new V 34 color corrector. This has really been my secret to a brighter smile.

Is getting into dental school harder than medical school? ›

Both, however, might be difficult to get into because they often have competitive admissions processes and high expectations for applicants. Although this might vary greatly and is not always true, dental schools may have slightly lower acceptance rates than medical schools.

Is dentistry harder than med school? ›

Ask a dental student and dental school is harder ask a medical student and medical school is more difficult. Here are the facts. Medical school is more difficult to get into. Average GPA's are higher, students have more research experience and the MCAT is longer and covers more subjects than dental.

What is the difference between a dentist and a medical doctor? ›

Dentists are responsible for treating oral diseases and concerns. This includes filling cavities, straightening teeth, removing diseased teeth, fixing cracks and chips, and repairing broken teeth. On the other hand, doctors address broader health concerns and sending patients to a specialist if necessary.

What is the easiest dental school to get into? ›

Some of the easiest dental schools to get into are the University of Mississippi, A.T. Still University - Missouri School of Dentistry & Oral Health, East Carolina University School of Dentistry, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry, and Ohio State University College of Dentistry.

What is the fastest dental school? ›

Accelerated Dental Programs
  • Adelphi University (Garden City, NY)
  • Boston University (Boston, MA) ...
  • Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH) ...
  • Florida International University (Miami, FL)
  • Lehigh University (Bethlehem, PA)
  • Marquette University (Milwaukee, WI)
  • Moravian College (Bethlehem, PA)

What is the golden age of dentistry? ›

The result, specialists say, is an end to the 'golden age of dentistry,' from the end of World War II to about 10 years ago. 'During the so-called golden era,' said Boston dentist Dr. S.

How did people clean their teeth before toothpaste was invented? ›

Often, they would use water and a rough cloth, scrubbing their teeth. Salt and charcoal were often rubbed across the teeth and then rinsed away. However, the most common way of taking care of teeth involved taking a birch twig and fraying the end, making a primitive brush. Dental powders were also used.

Why did Victorian brides have their teeth removed? ›

In order for a husband to escape the costliness of future dental procedures, their wife would have ALL her teeth pulled out and replaced with dentures. Even if a bride had a perfectly healthy smile, her teeth would still be extracted.

How did people deal with cavities before dentists? ›

In the last decade or so archaeologists have found evidence from cultures across the world that bad teeth were scraped, scoured, even drilled and filled apparently to remove decayed tissue.

What age do you stop getting cavities? ›

When a person has good oral health and is not susceptible to cavity-causing bacteria chances are they will. This can continue from adolescence to their middle-age years. Unfortunately for some people, their oral environment changes once they reach their mid 60s.

How come some people never get cavities? ›

As mentioned earlier, everyone's saliva is composed of different amounts of minerals such as phosphate and calcium. These minerals, along with fluoride and water, work to protect our tooth enamel from bacteria. Some people have more minerals in their saliva than others, giving them an upper hand in fighting cavities.

How many seniors have no teeth? ›

Nearly 1 in 5 of adults aged 65 or older have lost all of their teeth.

Where is the best dental school in the US? ›

Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Harvard is widely considered to be the premier dental school in the U.S. It is also world-renowned and considered one of the top institutions in the world.

What are the easiest dental schools to get into in the USA? ›

Top Ten of the Easiest Dental Schools to Get Into
  • University of Mississippi. Acceptance rate: 44.3% ...
  • University of Minnesota. Acceptance rate: 38.54% ...
  • University of Puerto Rico. Acceptance rate: 36.70% ...
  • University of Detroit Mercy. ...
  • University of Utah. ...
  • University of Washington. ...
  • East Carolina University. ...
  • Ohio State University.

When did people start brushing their teeth? ›

The first toothbrush was likely developed around 3000 BCE. This was a frayed twig developed by the Babylonians and the Egyptians. Other sources have found that around 1600 BCE, the Chinese created sticks from aromatic trees' twigs to help freshen their breath. What did humans do before that?

Who was the first woman to receive a dental degree? ›

Lucy Hobbs Taylor was the first woman to graduate from dental school. Born in 1833, Taylor attended the Franklin Academy in New York. She taught for ten years in Michigan, and in 1859 moved to Cincinnati where she applied to Eclectic Medical College.

Who was the first female African American dentist? ›

In 1890, Ida Gray Nelson Rollins graduated from the University of Michigan College of Dentistry. She was one of just three women in her graduating class, and was the very first African-American woman dentist in the United States.

What is the chair at the dentist called? ›

Orthodontic Dental Chairs. Orthodontic chairs are one-piece, full-body seats that can be articulated into any number of seating positions. These seats allow patients to feel comfortable and secure for the duration of their appointment without feeling uncomfortable throughout.

Are doctors richer than dentists? ›

There is no simple answer to this question, as physicians' salaries vary even more widely than dentists'. On the whole, however, dentists do not out - earn doctors.

Why is dental school so hard? ›

It has a vast amount of dental information that must not only be memorized but also utilized in practice. A major difference between dental school and medical school is that dental school students begin the practical application of dental practices far earlier than their medical school counterparts.

Is dentistry a stressful career? ›

Time management is a major factor of stress for dentists. Working long hours as a dentist can be extremely stressful and demanding, which requires great time management. Every patient needs the dentist's undivided attention, but as time passes and one grows weary, it can be challenging to offer the greatest care.

What age do most dentists retire? ›

The average American retires at age 62, but the average retirement age for dentists is 69.

Which year of dentistry is the hardest? ›

1st year is hard because you have so much more information and less time to deal with it than when you were in college. Around christmas you begin to understand what it takes to get the grades you want/need.

What is the hardest dental specialty? ›

orthodontics. This is probably the hardest one to be accepted into. There is also a good future and remuneration for this specialty. Parents will always put their children first and tooth malocclusion will be more and more prevalent as different homogeneous gene pools intermix.

What is the best age to start going to the dentist? ›

Your child's first dental visit is to help your child feel comfortable with the dentist. The first dental visit is recommended by 12 months of age, or within 6 months of the first tooth coming in.

What is the average age of graduating dentists? ›

If the individual goes straight from HS, and attends school continuously, the average age most people finish dental school is 26, and specialty training at age 28–29.

Which celebrity has the best teeth? ›

Here are five of the best smiles in Hollywood that you can emulate with a little help from your dentist.
  1. Julia Roberts. Julia Roberts is well-known for her famous smile. ...
  2. Halle Berry. It's hard to imagine Halle Berry without straight, symmetrical teeth that shine in the spotlight. ...
  3. Jennifer Lopez. ...
  4. Idris Elba. ...
  5. Ryan Gosling.
Jan 31, 2019

Who is the longest serving dentist? ›

Dr. Arthur Victor: America's oldest practicing dentist.

Who was the famous dentist serial killer? ›

Glennon Edward Engleman (February 6, 1927 – March 3, 1999) was an American dentist, contract killer, and serial killer. Engleman, a United States Army veteran and a St. Louis dentist, planned and carried out at least five murders for monetary gain over the course of 30 years.

Who has the most beautiful smile of all time? ›

1. Julia Roberts. There is no doubt about the fact that this gorgeous woman, 57, is the Queen of Hollywood Smiles. Her starring in the movie Mona Lisa Smile (2003) seems to explain the beauty of her smile.

Who has the prettiest smile in Hollywood? ›

Here are the top 7 Hollywood celebrities who've had the Hollywood smile and have the perfect teeth to show it!
  • Tom Cruise. ...
  • Emma Watson. ...
  • Julia Roberts. ...
  • Beyoncé ...
  • Jennifer Aniston. ...
  • Brad Pitt. ...
  • Zac Efron.
Jan 6, 2023

Does Julia Roberts have veneers? ›

In recent years the cosmetic veneers industry has exploded, with celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Hilary Duff and Julia Roberts all achieving perfect smiles through the use of Veneers.

What is the highest dentist salary per month? ›

Highest salary that a General Dentist can earn is ₹6.0 Lakhs per year (₹50.0k per month).

What do most dentists make a year? ›

The average Dentist salary in California is $165,950 ( $79.78 per hour) as of 2021, but the range typically falls between $78,850 and $>208,000.

What is the most a dentist makes? ›

High Paying Dentist Jobs
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. Salary range: $312,500-$400,000 per year. ...
  • Dentist Private Practice. Salary range: $362,500-$387,500 per year. ...
  • Endodontist. Salary range: $249,000-$382,500 per year. ...
  • Orthodontist. ...
  • Prosthodontist. ...
  • Maxillofacial Prosthodontist. ...
  • Periodontist. ...
  • Pediatric Dentist.

Where do dentists make the most money? ›

The average general dentist in America earns $180,830, with the highest-paid dentists coming rom Rhode Island and the lowest-paid ones living in West Virginia. Overall, a career as a dentist ranks No. 11 among highest-paying U.S. jobs.

What dentists battle on a daily? ›

What dentists battle on a daily basis. Answer: Cavities.

How many Americans never go to the dentist? ›

Nationwide, 20% of consumers in the United States say they never visit the dentist or only do so when there is an urgent need, according to a survey from FAIR Health.

Who was the deadliest serial killer doctor? ›

Harold Frederick Shipman, Jr. (14 January 1946 – 13 January 2004), known to acquaintances as Fred Shipman, was an English general practitioner and serial killer. He is considered to be one of the most prolific serial killers in modern history, with an estimated 250 victims.

Who is the most controversial serial killer? ›

  • Jack the Ripper. We call him “Jack the Ripper,” but we don't really know who the person behind one of the older and most notorious murder sprees was. ...
  • Jeffrey Dahmer. ...
  • Harold Shipman. ...
  • John Wayne Gacy. ...
  • H.H. Holmes. ...
  • Pedro Lopez. ...
  • Ted Bundy.

Who was the most educated serial killer? ›

Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, achieved a Ph. D. in mathematics from the University of Michigan.


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