Best companies to work for in San Jose (2023)

San Jose is the largest city in Silicon Valley, a major technology hub and site of innovation. It's a great place to start a career in a variety of fields, including technology. If you are thinking of trying your luck and wondering what options you have in this city, this guide is for you. We've brought together the top companies in San Jose to apply for your dream position and start your new career.

San Jose job bank

The San José job market favors technology and innovation. According to Data USA, thelargest industries in San JoseThey are manufacturing, professional, scientific and technical services, and health and social care. The highest-paying industries in the city are information, business and business management, and professional, scientific, and technical services.

Best companies to work for in San Jose (1)

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San Jose Key Industries

  • manufacturing
  • services professionals, scientists and technicals
  • health and social assistance

What is San Jose's unemployment rate?

from November 2021,San Jose unemployment rateit is 3.2 percent according to data from the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). this is lower than thatnational average unemployment rate.

Who is the largest employer in San Jose?

The largest employer in San Jose is Cisco Systems, one of the largest multinational technology companies. Founded in 1984 by two computer scientists, Cisco Systems develops, manufactures, and sells network hardware and software.

Top Employers in San Jose: At a Glance

Seek Industry Global template adjust for
Google information and technology 139.995 Supply Chain Program Manager Google Nest, Google's children's center specializing in inclusion
Cisco Systeme Technological hardware and semiconductors 79.500 Chief of Staff, Collaborative Sales Specialist, Administrative Assistant
Digital West computer memory 63.800 Administrative Assistant, Manufacturing Recruiter, Technical Support
Infineon Technologies semiconductor 46.665 Shipping/Receiving: Material Handler, Employee Pricing Specialist, Customer Quality Engineer
Paypal software and technical services 26.500 Executive Analyst, Growth Marketing Specialist, Senior Customer Success Manager
adobe systems software and technical services 24.000 Executive Assistant, Adobe Sign Business Development Representative, Channel Solutions Consultant
Ebay electronic commerce 13.000 Corps Comm Public Relations Specialist, Associate Category Manager for Handbags, Associate for Corporate Development
Verifone Banking and finance, electronics 5.000 Inside Sales Rep, Enterprise Sales Rep, Senior QA Engineer
FICO Computer 3.650 AMS-SAP FICO Associate, SAP-SAC Planning Consultant, Systems Analyst
Satellitengesundheit health care 910 BioMedical Home Coordinator, HR Coordinator, Senior Healthcare Recruiter

The largest companies to work for in San José


Google is an American search engine company that specializes in Internet-related services and products. Google is considered one of the Big Five companies in the information technology industry. The company has grown steadily since its inception in 1998, including acquisitions, partnerships, and products beyond the Google search engine.

What is it like to work at Google?

Google's mission is to make information accessible and useful to everyone. The work environment at Google is healthy, and its employees have the privilege of working with some of the brightest minds in technology. For the reputation of the company.get a job at googleit can be challenging.

Top reasons to work at Google

  • Healthy, friendly and inclusive work environment.
  • The opportunity to work with brilliant minds and the latest technologies.
  • Flexible working hours

Cisco Systeme

Headquartered in San Jose, Cisco Systems has been instrumental in the development of Silicon Valley. It is a technological conglomerate specialized in the development and production of telecommunications equipment and software. This includes switches, routers, and products designed for cybersecurity.

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What is it like to work at Cisco Systems?

Cisco's corporate culture is based on the three pillars environment, characteristics, and experience. The work environment at Cisco is inclusive and diverse, designed to foster creativity and innovation.

Top reasons to work at Cisco Systems

  • Flexible work hours that allow you to achieve your personal goals
  • Opportunity to learn new things
  • Inclusive and diverse workplace

Digital West

Western Digital was founded in 1970 by Alvin B Phillips. It is an American manufacturer of computer hard drives and a data storage company that designs, manufactures, and sells data technology products. It is one of the largest manufacturers of computer hard drives and has a long history in the electronics industry.

What is it like to work at Western Digital?

Western Digital fosters an environment where employees can be creative and find support to turn their ideas into reality. The company cites honesty, diversity, inclusion, and authenticity as its core values.

Top reasons to work at Western Digital

  • Competitive salary for employees and access to great technology
  • Committed and kind colleagues.
  • Flexible hours for a good balance between work and personal life

Infineon Technologies

Infineon Technologies is a manufacturer of semiconductors. It was spun off from its former parent company, Siemens AG, in 2000 and is a leader in the automotive and industrial chip markets. Infineon Technologies offers a wide range of semiconductor, microcontroller, LED driver, sensor and integrated circuit solutions for automotive and energy management.

What is it like to work at Infineon Technologies?

Infineon Technologies' core values ​​are Commitment, Partnerships, Innovation and Performance. Infineon Technologies' culture is based on diversity and inclusion, with employees from more than 100 countries. The work environment at Infineon Technologies is constructive, process-oriented, collaborative, and healthy.

Top reasons to work at Infineon Technologies

  • Healthy and uplifting work environment
  • Extraordinary benefits and benefits for employees
  • Opportunity to work with a support team


PayPal is an online payment platform that offers low-cost money transfer services to individuals and businesses. It was founded in 1998 by software company Confinity and became its own company in 2015. In addition to facilitating payments, PayPal allows customers to set up an account on its platforms and use it to send and receive payments.

What is it like to work at PayPal?

PayPal's culture reflects its commitment to diversity and inclusion. The work environment is supportive and you can be yourself knowing there is acceptance as advancement is only based on merit.

Top reasons to work at PayPal

  • supportive work environment
  • Flexibility in time and place
  • Excellent place to work for personal growth and recognition.

adobe systems

Adobe is a multinational company known for creating computer software for image editing, vector-based illustration, photography, animation, multimedia, video, and print design. It was founded in 1982 by John Warnock and Charles Geschke. Consider becoming a graphic designer for Adobe and get started with some of theThe best graphic design courses.

What is it like to work at Adobe Systems?

Adobe encourages its employees to be genuine, exceptional, innovative, and engaged. These values ​​shape Adobe's work culture as a people-centered workplace dedicated to creating superior experiences that drive success for its employees.

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Top reasons to work at Adobe Systems

  • A healthy balance between work and life
  • A dedicated, people-oriented and fun team.
  • Inclusive, diverse and innovative workplace


This e-commerce company facilitates transactions between consumers and businesses. Founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar, eBay quickly became a success with offices in some 32 countries.

What is it like to work at eBay?

eBay's core values ​​are family, teamwork and opportunity. eBay strives to create a work environment where employees feel safe, wanted, and valued. the work environment,according to their employees, provides support, benefits and advantages for employees are excellent.

Top reasons to work at eBay

  • Excellent perks and benefits for employees.
  • Work environment and supportive team.
  • Time flexibility and reconciliation of work and family life.


Verifone is known for its consumer-facing, merchant-operated, self-service payment systems serving various industries including finance, retail and hospitality. Verifone operates in more than 150 countries worldwide, employs nearly 5,000 people worldwide, and has offices in some of the world's largest cities.

What is it like to work at Verifone?

Verifone values ​​diversity, inclusion and responsibility. The pay at Verifone is good, but based on Indeed reviews, it's for improvementwhen it comes to stimulating work tasks, the sense of belonging and trust in colleagues.

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Top reasons to work at Verifone

  • Good pay
  • Surroundings that are diverse and inclusive
  • Challenging job


FICO is a San Jose-based data analytics company. Founded in 1956 by Bill Fair and Earl Isaac, FICO is known for helping companies that want to make data-driven decisions to achieve growth and improve customer experience.

What is it like to work at FICO?

FICO places great importance on developing exceptional products and services. Employees are encouraged to be dynamic, to seize opportunities as they arise and to take on new challenges. The work environment at FICO is generally supportive, with a great team atmosphere and innovative culture.

Top reasons to work at FICO

  • Opportunity to work in a supportive environment
  • Challenging and diverse team
  • Opportunities to learn new things and improve existing relevant skills


Satellite Healthcare was created by a nephrologist, Dr. Norm Coplon, founded as a non-profit organization, providing dialysis and kidney disease services and personalized education to its patients. Satellite Healthcare employs more than 910 people and has been in business for nearly 50 years.

What is it like to work at Satellite Healthcare?

Satellite Healthcare's core values ​​are compassion, trust, quality, teamwork and innovation. At Satellite, humanity, skill and the company's mission shape its culture, which is based on the idea of ​​diversity as a driver of innovation. Therefore, you can be sure that you will be heard and that you will find yourself with a collaborative and innovative team.

Top reasons to work at Satellite Healthcare

  • Opportunity to work with innovative and collaborative minds
  • Fair and reasonable pay for work
  • clear sense of purpose

Other large companies based in San José

  • The Hoffmann Agency
  • Sanmina
  • global logic
  • align technology
  • Broadcom
  • 247 could
  • freeze electronics
  • CSS Corporation
  • cadence design system

Where to find a job in San José: the best job boards in San José


MetroSanJoseJobs, an extension of Circa, is an online network that connects the most progressive employers with the most qualified people in San Jose. Serves job seekers in San Jose and helps employers fill open positions.

» MORE: Top Companies Hiring Network Administrators in 2022 is an online network that connects the best candidates in San Jose with the best employers in the country for career opportunities. Provides job seekers the opportunity to connect with employers and is powered by CareerBuilder.

Best companies to work for in San Jose (2)

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Localwise is an online space to hire local talent. Localwise connects local employers with great local talent and features job search and job search platforms with recruitment and talent specialists that make it easy for local talent to find work.

What is the San Jose tech scene like?

San Jose is the capital of Silicon Valley and home to more than 6,600 technology companies. San Jose is home to many giant tech companies and startups. It is known for its research parks, technology centers, technology museum, and technology workshops. Much of the population works in one way or another in technology.

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Can Boot Camp help me get a job with a top employer in San Jose?

Yes, a boot camp can help you land a job with a top San Jose employer.Ein Coding-Bootcampis a short, intensive training program designed to provide students with practical and relevant technical skills. Boot camps are common for technical positions, making it a great option for anyone looking to start a career in San Jose.

If you for examplewants to be a data analystAt Cisco Systems, a coding boot camp will help you out, especially if you want to get into the tech scene without a formal degree. Some of theThe best coding bootcamps in San JoseThey are listed below.

Best coding bootcamps in San Jose

  • Coding-Dojo
  • Nucamp
  • Academia Hackbright
  • General Assembly
  • First pass coding

Why San Jose is a great place to achieve your career goals

As the largest city in Silicon Valley, San Jose is one of the best places to go if you want to get into technology or are interested in a tech job. Regardless of industry or type of job, San Jose is a hub of innovation and home to ambitious individuals, entrepreneurs, corporations, start-ups, and developers.

Frequently Asked Questions about the largest companies in San Jose

What industries are in San José?

There are many industries in San José, but the main industries are manufacturing, professional, scientific and technical services, and health and social care.

Is San José an expensive city?

Y,San Jose is more expensivethan the average US city. This is partly due to the influx of people it has received in recent decades, with people in the Bay Area seeking opportunities for growth and success in the tech space. However, San Jose ischeaper than san francisco.

Are there non-technical job opportunities in San José?

Yes. While most people associate San Jose with the tech industry, there is a strong health and social services industry, a strong manufacturing industry, and a need for professionals inside and outside of the tech industry.

How many tech companies are there in San Jose?

up6,600 technology companiesThey are based in San Jose.

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