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When it comes to your urological health, there is no room for doubt or hesitation. That's why we spend every moment uncovering some of the latest groundbreaking research and recruiting some of the best urology experts in the country. So that, in your time of greatest need, you have access to a nationally recognized urological cancer team with a proven track record of patient outcomes that far exceed the national average.

World class experience.First class attention.

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high level care

We believe that the greatest care lies in proven results and genuine success stories. Thanks to the comprehensive care and experience practiced every day by our outstanding urologists, we have been recognized byUS news and world reportas one of the best urology hospitals in America.

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A world leader in prostatectomies

When it comes to delicate procedures like a prostatectomy, our patients take comfort in the fact that our prostate cancer specialists have more experience than any other team in the world. This experience has resulted in more patient success stories than we can count and results that exceed the national average.

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A multidisciplinary approach

From surgery to chemotherapy to revolutionary technology like our MRI-guided HDR brachytherapy, your options vary greatly. And it would be our honor to help you choose.

Urological diagnosis of cancerCould include:

adrenal cancer

bladder cancer

kidney cancer

penile cancer

Prostate cancer

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Renal pelvic cancer

Cancer testicular

urethral cancer

explore yourtreatment options

As you begin your treatment journey, it's important to know that because no two cancer diagnoses are the same, your oncology team will strategically customize your course of treatment, prescribing individual therapies as needed. Depending on your diagnosis, your treatment plan may include some, none, or a combination of the following therapies.

  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation
  • Surgery
  • Other options

A powerful force against urologic cancer

Chemotherapy treatment: what to expect

Nothing matters more to us than curing him and bringing him home. Depending on the type of urologic cancer you have and how advanced it is, chemotherapy can play a critical role in the successful treatment of your cancer, particularly bladder cancer, prostate cancer, lymphoma, and certain types of kidney cancer. . From the moment you arrive for your chemotherapy treatment, one of our nurses will be there to welcome and guide you, keeping you and your loved one informed, comfortable, and in good spirits throughout your visit.

How does chemotherapy work?

Using a combination of specialized drugs, chemotherapy has the power to kill or slow the growth of fast-growing cancer cells in all parts of the body. It can be given intravenously, by injection, or directly into a specific part of the body. At AdventHealth, formerly Florida Hospital, Cancer Institute, our oncology specialists take an individualized approach to your chemotherapy treatment. Depending on your type of urologic cancer, we will determine which treatment is best for you. Chemotherapy may be the only treatment you receive or, more commonly, it is used in combination with surgery and/or radiation therapy. Along the way, we're here to help where we can, answering any questions and helping you stay strong and optimistic before, during, and after treatment.

More information about chemotherapy treatment

Understand your treatment options

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Radiation therapy: what to expect

While radiation therapy is one of the most common treatments for urologic cancer, at AdventHealth Cancer Institute we do it with uncommon expertise, guidance, and compassion. Using sophisticated radiation technology, we are able to target tumors in and around the kidneys, bladder, and prostate with incredible precision, relieving pain while leaving healthy tissue intact. Depending on your diagnosis, your dedicated team may recommend radiation alone, but in many cases we combine it with surgery, chemotherapy, and hormone therapy.

How does radiation therapy work?

Our oncology specialists take an individualized approach to each patient's treatment plan. Radiation therapy targets specific areas of the body, shrinks tumors, and kills cancer cells by damaging their DNA.

When treating urologic cancer, radiation therapy is usually given in two ways:

  • External radiation delivers radiation in a concentrated beam to keep nearby healthy tissue intact.
  • Internal ultrasound-guided radiation or using our MRI-guided HDR brachytherapy, a minimally invasive method that delivers concentrated doses of radiation while keeping nearby healthy tissue safer.

How can we protect you during radiation?

We don't just preach holistic care. We practice it. One of the ways they do this is by continually looking for new and innovative ways to make their treatments as safe and side effect free as possible.

AdventHealth is proud to be the first hospital in Central Florida to offer SpaceOAR, a one-of-a-kind treatment that helps protect you during radiation treatment.

SpaceOAR is a temporary, injectable, non-toxic, biodegradable gel that protects the rectum during radiation treatment for prostate cancer. Matthew Biagioli, MD, a radiation oncologist at Florida Hospital, is a national authority on the use of biodegradable gels. Dr. Biagioli led some of the first studies on its use in prostate cancer. Most commonly used in combination with HDR brachytherapy, the gel is placed before radiation treatment begins and significantly reduces radiation dose to surrounding tissue. SpaceOAR is the first and only prostate cancer spacer device to receive Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance.

Throughout your treatment, your nursing and radiology team will be there to keep you and your support system informed, comfortable, and encouraged.

More information about radiation therapy

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Innovative surgical procedures

If surgery is part of your treatment plan, it's comforting to know that your health is in the hands of expert surgeons. As the recognized leader in urologic cancer care, every day we help patients recover through innovative surgical care.

options for surgery

Surgery for urologic cancer can be a promising step on the road to a cure and can often be the first option.

Your dedicated team of urologic cancer specialists will review every detail of your medical history and recent tests to recommend the most effective treatment plan for you. Whenever possible, we will use minimally invasive procedures, such as the innovative da Vinci® Surgical System, for faster recovery, less scarring, and better care. Surgery may be the only treatment you need, or it may be used in combination with chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy.

With a variety of urologic cancers comes a variety of surgeries, including:

  • Tumor removal, depending on the type of cancer, will include removing part of the problem around the tumor.

  • Organ removal is ideal for cancers that have spread to an entire organ and is an option for the bladder, kidney, prostate, or testicles. This can sometimes be done laparoscopically for a faster recovery time.

  • Cryosurgery, used primarily for prostate cancer, involves injecting cold nitrogen to kill cancer cells.

  • Retroperitoneal lymph node dissection targets cancer in the groin lymph nodes and can often be done laparoscopically.

Whichever procedure is part of your treatment plan, trust a team ready to guide you with open arms and warm smiles from pre-op to post-op and beyond.

More information about surgical oncology

New non-invasive options. New Hope

When surgery is not an option or your oncologist feels that an alternative solution may help treat your cancer more successfully, we offer many of the latest non-surgical procedures at AdventHealthCancer Institute.

Non-invasive options for urologic cancer

Our leading urology specialists specialize in the following non-surgical urologic cancer treatments:

  • Embolization blocks blood flow to the tumor, depriving it of oxygen and nutrients through a single injection. It is often used in combination with surgery.

  • Cryoablation, also known as tumor freezing, injects supercooled nitrogen gas into the tumor site in an attempt to kill cancer cells in the tumor.

  • Radiofrequency ablation, also known as tumor burning, uses a special needle to apply an electrical current directly to the tumor. The heat causes the tumor to cauterize.

life aftercancer treatment

The road to feeling whole again can seem long and winding. Rest as much as you can. And accept the help of whoever offers it, be it your family, friends or your medical team. We are here to guide you through personalized recovery programs, such as aerobic exercise and strength training, to improve outcomes and decrease cancer recurrence. Because the goal is not just to survive. is to prosper.

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Our expertsspecialize in you

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Vipul R. Patel, MD, FACS


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Carlos Aleman, MD

medical oncologist

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meet your team

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Where toAche-nos

Are you ready to give it your all, learn about your options, and choose the right team of urologic cancer specialists? Your dedicated Nurse Navigator is the first step.

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To exploreresources for patients

You will feel even stronger when you are surrounded by a loving support system. from ourpamper patient spa, which offers relaxation services for urological cancer patients, to our deepBiblioteca on-line CancerHelpand financial assistance tools, we're here with the practical, emotional, and spiritual guidance you need.

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Stop wondering.Start preventing.

The earlier we detect urological cancers such as prostate, bladder or testicular cancer, the better our chances of successfully treating them. Routine checkups can save your life, even if you don't have symptoms. It is during routine checkups that most cases of prostate and testicular cancer are first detected.

Between exams, we also encourage you to be proactive in helping prevent cancer by living a healthy lifestyle. That means eating colorful fruits and vegetables, maintaining a healthy weight and blood pressure, avoiding chemical exposure, and keeping cigarettes out of your life. Take charge of your health, know the warning signs of urologic cancer, and be proactive in your treatment by keeping up with regular checkups.

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embrace your fullcancer care network

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clinical trials

Our team of urologic cancer experts and researchers are continually discovering new ways to prevent and treat cancer. Our participation in more than 175 national clinical trials each year gives patients like you access to many of the latest treatments and prevention methods, many of which may not be available at other cancer centers for months or years to come.

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Get a second opinion

Getting a second opinion can put your mind at ease about your diagnosis. The more you know, the more empowered you will feel to take action and start your healing journey. We are here to fully support this journey.

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Urologic Cancer Support Groups

When you are dealing with urological cancer, feeling supported can help you find your inner strength when you need it most. Connect with patients, survivors, and a compassionate team whose mission is to guide your journey.

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Newsand Events

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What's New at AdventHealth Cancer Institute

New studies. New search. New technologies and much more. We'll keep you informed about innovative treatments, advanced techniques, and the latest offerings from AdventHealth Cancer Institute.

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Eventos en AdventHealth Cancer Institute

Find the cure, find the community, and stay informed. With a wide variety of events throughout the year, we'll help you connect with other patients, caregivers, support groups, and our compassionate care team.

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