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Questionnaire Answer Key and Curious Facts

1. 'There will be blue birds...'

Answer:The white cliffs of DoverThese lyrics are from the song "We'll Meet Again" sung by Vera Lynn. It was published in 1942, three years after the start of World War II. The song was huge at the time and could almost be called an anthem. The words buoyed the forces and gave them hope that the long, protracted war would eventually end and that the British forces would see their White Cliffs of Dover once more.

An irony of this song is that bluebirds are not endemic to Great Britain (instead, they are native to the southeastern United States and Mexico), a fact unknown to the song's two American authors, Nat Burton and Walter Kent. .

Vera, born in East Ham, UK in 1917, was a singer, songwriter and actress. She became known as the "armed forces treasure" and often traveled the world entertaining troops during wartime.

He lived to a ripe old age, dying in June 2002 at the age of 103. On her 100th birthday and in her honour, a 106m high image of Vera was projected onto the white cliffs of Dover.

Here are some texts:
'The blue birds will end/
The white cliffs of Dover/
Just wait and see/
There will be love and laughter
And peace forever /
When the world is free

2. 'The colors of the rainbow...'

Answer:so beautiful in heavenThese lyrics, of course, are taken from the Louis Armstrong song "What a Wonderful World." The song was released in 1967 and reached number one in the UK in 1968. The song is simply about appreciating life and nature and was written by Bob Thiele and George Weiss.

You may be surprised to learn that Louis was at the end of his career when he recorded this song. He was 66 when he recorded it live, and died of heart failure just three years later, at the age of 69, in 1971. However, he set a record at the time: he became the oldest act to top the chart. UK singles. The song reached number one in 1968.

Here are some texts:
'The colors of the rainbow/
So pretty in heaven /
they are also in the faces
Of the people who pass /
I see friends shaking hands
say how are you/
They really say /
I love you.'

3. "Son, can you touch me a souvenir?"

Answer:i'm not sure how to do itHmmm, well I sang that as "Son, can you play me a tune?" all my life, so I've learned something! The lyrics, of course, are taken from Billy Joel's Piano Man.

Released in 1973, it was inspired by Billy Joel's experiences playing in a piano bar in Los Angeles. He worked there for six months in 1972, and the characters in the song are based on real people he met while working there.

This part of my research made me laugh: Apparently the line "Paul is a real estate writer" is about a man Billy met at the bar who was a regular real estate agent. He always said that he was working on a book, but Billy secretly believed that the real estate agent would never finish the book, because he was always at the bar!

As far as I can tell, the song didn't hit number one anywhere, but it did go 4x platinum in the US, 2x platinum in Canada, and platinum in Australia.

Here are some texts:
'Saturday nine o'clock/
The regular public joins in/
An old man sits next to me
Make love to his tonic and gin/
He says, "Son, can you touch me a memory? /
I'm not sure how /
But it's sad and it's sweet and I knew it completely /
When I was wearing younger men's clothes.

4. 'Like a storm in the desert...'

Answer:Like a sleepy blue oceanThese lyrics are from 'Annie's Song (You Fill Up My Senses)'. It was written and performed by John Denver. He wrote it in 1973, and his (then) wife, Annie Martell Denver (d. 1967-1982), was his inspiration. As John Denver told the story, he had recently broken up with Annie, but after a brief separation, they got back together. Later, after meeting up, they went on a skiing vacation to Aspen. Denver wrote the song in the ten minutes he spent on the chairlift. His inspiration was both the beauty of his surroundings and the joy of being with his wife again.

It reached number one in the UK, US, Canada and Ireland. Sadly, John died when his plane crashed into a bay off California in 1997. He was just 53 years old.

Here are some of the lyrics:

'You fill my senses/
like a night in the woods /
like the mountains in spring/
Like a walk in the rain /
Like a storm in the desert/
Like a sleepy blue ocean /
you fill my senses
Come fill me up again.

5. "I should have changed that stupid lock..."

Answer:I should have made you leave your key.These lyrics were sung by American singer Gloria Gaynor and are taken from the 1978 disco song "I Will Survive".

Although most of us think of it as an empowering song that helps us recover from a bad relationship, the inspiration was actually a stressful work-related topic. One of the song's lyricists, Dino Fekaris, wrote the song after being fired from Motown Records, where he was a staff writer. He said: "They let me go after almost seven years. I was an unemployed songwriter contemplating my fate. I remember saying, 'I'll make it. I'll be a songwriter. I'll survive!'

The iconic disco song reached number one in the US and UK in 1978, but also returned to the Billboard Hot 100 in the '80s, '90s, 2000s, and 2010s with various remixes and covers.

Lyrics are needed here I think:
'First I was scared, I was petrified/
I always thought that I could never live without you by my side /
But then I spent so many nights thinking about how you did me wrong/
And I became strong
And I learned to get along
And so you're back /
of the universe/
I walked in and found you here with that sad look on your face/
I should have changed that stupid lock, I should have made you leave your key/
If only I had known for a second that you would bother me again."

6. 'Your candle went out a long time ago...'

Answer:Your legend ever didThis text comes from 'Sail in the 'Wind'. This song is a threnody (lament) sung by Elton John and written by Elton and composer Bernie Taupin in 1973. It was originally written as a tribute to movie star Marilyn Monroe, who died of a drug overdose in 1962, and the song represents his short but eventful life.

Most people will remember that it was also played at Princess Diana's funeral on September 6, 1997, although many of the lyrics were changed. Instead of saying "Goodbye Norma Jean", it said "Goodbye Rose of England".

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Princess Di's version called "Candle in the Wind 1997" was the second best-selling physical single of all time (the first being Bing Crosby's "White Christmas").

These are some of the lyrics from the original version:
'And it seems to me that you lived your life/
Like a sail in the wind/
Not knowing who to hold on to /
When the rain started
And I would have liked to meet you
But I was just a child
Your candle has long since gone out/
Your legend ever did.

7. "That corrupted love you gave..."

Answer:I'll give you everything a boy can give youThese lyrics are from the song "Tainted Love". Actually, it wasn't Softcell who originally released this Ed Cobbs song, but an American soul singer named Gloria Jones. She launched it in 1964. (By the way, her boyfriend was T-Rex's Marc Bolan, whom she met in 1972, and it was Gloria who drove the car that killed 29-year-old Marc Bolan in 1977.)

Soft Cell, a duo consisting of Marc Almond (vocals) and David Ball (instruments), released their version of the song in 1981. It immediately went to number one in the UK and 17 other countries. In the US, it spent a whopping 43 weeks on the Billboard Top 100 chart, a longevity record at the time.

Marc Almond only did one voice take.

These are some of the lyrics:
'Once I ran to you (I ran)/
now I run away from you
This corrupted love that you gave/
I'll give you everything a boy could give you /
Take my tears and that's not all/
Tainted Love/
Tainted Love.'

8. 'They've spent most of their life...'

Answer:Live in a gangster's paradiseGangsta's Paradise was performed by Artis Leon Ivey Jr., better known as Coolio, in 1995. The composition was a collaboration between Coolio, Larry Sanders, Doug Rasheed, and Stevie Wonder.

While this is on my all-time favorites list, I can understand why David Browne of 'Entertainment Weekly' wrote of the song: "This may be the darkest song to ever top the pop singles chart."

Still, 'gloomy' was apparently good. This song was huge. It was the number one selling single of 1995 on the US Billboard and is actually the best selling single of 1995 worldwide. It went to number one in at least 19 countries and won a Grammy in the US for Best Rap Solo Performance. For a full 22 years, "Gangsta's Paradise" held the record for being the longest-running number 1 single in Australia (it held the number one spot for 14 weeks).

The song also returned to the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and Hot Rap Songs charts, as well as the Australian, New Zealand and Swiss charts after Coolio sadly died of cardiac arrest in September 2022.

You probably know the lyrics, but here they are anyway:
'When I walk through the valley of the shadow of death/
I look at my life and I realize that there is nothing left /
Cause I've been shooting and laughing for so long that/
Even my mom thinks my mind is gone/
But I have never come across a man who did not deserve it /
They treat me like a punk, you know that's outrageous /
Better watch how you talk and where you're going
Or you and your friends could get blacked out."

9. "Once upon a time I fell in love..."

Answer:But now I'm just breaking downThese lyrics are from the song "Total Eclipse of the Heart". It was written and produced by American Jim Steinman (who produced many tracks for Meatloaf, including the hit "Bat Out of Hell"). When Steinman originally wrote it in 1969, he called it "Vampires in Love." In 1982 it was recorded by Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler as "Total Eclipse of the Heart".

This was by far Bonnie's biggest success. It reached number one in the UK, US, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, South Africa, Canada, and Norway.

You might be interested to know that the song was number one in a 2013 UK poll for "Favorite Song to Sing in the Shower". It is also interesting that song sales increase during solar and lunar eclipses. In fact, during the August 2017 solar eclipse, Nielsen Music reported that the song saw a 503% increase in record sales.

Here are some lyrics in case you want to sing in the shower:
'I don't know what to do and I'm always groping in the dark/
We live in a powder keg and we throw sparks/
I really need you tonight/
Eternity begins tonight/
Eternity begins tonight/
Once upon a time I fell in love /
But now I'm falling apart /
I can not do anything about it/
A total blackout of my heart.

10. "It's been seven hours and 15 days..."

Answer:Since you took your loveThese lyrics are from another big hit: "Nothing Compares 2 U." The song was originally written and composed by Prince in 1984. He wrote it when he was really pretty depressed because he broke up with his girlfriend and his mother died of cancer shortly after.

Sinéad O'Connor released her version of the song in 1990 and was just 23 years old when the song became a hit. She may have noticed that Sinéad shed a tear in the video. In an interview, she said that her breakup was triggered by the loss of her mother, who died in a car accident in 1985.

This power ballad not only conquered the charts in Sinéad's native Ireland, but also in the US, Great Britain, Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and Swiss. In the US, the song stayed atop the Billboard Hot 100 for a full four weeks.

In 2020, a list of the "100 Greatest British Number Ones" placed Sinéad O'Connor's "Nothing Compares 2 U" at number 12.

Let's remember the lyrics:
'Seven hours and 15 days have passed/
Since you took away your love/
I go out every night and sleep all day /
Since you took away your love/
Since you left I can do what I want /
I can see who I choose/
I can dine in a fancy restaurant/
But nothing/
I said nothing can take away this blues /
because nothing compares
Nothing compares to you.

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