Professional Scrum Master II (2023)

Professional Scrum Master II (1)

Class overview

Discover itThe Four Principles of Scrum Successwith this official Scrum.orgAdvanced training of a professional Scrum Masterthat are recognized by the industryPSM II certificatecontains. The language of instruction isgerman.

Enjoy the benefits of a compact live virtual course in two sessions with like-minded, flexible peers from09:00 - 17:30:

Please note that for this Scrum training you should have at least six to twelve months of experience as a full-time Scrum Master.

➕ Technical inspection and preparation for PSM II certification:In addition to the course itself, we meet a week earlier for a technical briefing. We also meet a week after the course to share our first hand experience of PSM II certification and prepare for certification.

As a former student, visit one by appointment and availabilityfree refresher course. Here, a former student can revisit the (public) course to learn about practices and techniques. (However, participation does not involve recertification.)

📈PSM II 2021/2 certification results

While the goal of each course is to take your professional skills to the next level, we do not neglect certification:

  • 99% of the course participants obtained the accompanying PSM II certificate
  • The PSM II certification was passed by 91% of the candidates with an average grade of 94%. (Required: 85%).

👉Close your membership now:PSM II Certified Advanced Professional Scrum Master Online Training - October 30 & 31, 2023.

Professional Scrum Master II (2)

🎓 This lesson is also available asPrivate or company trainingavailable. More information on this can be found on the websiteCourse fees.

Fact: October 30 and 31, 2023

Technical preparation (30 minutes): One week before training to learn and repeat the technique.

Preparation for certification (30 minutes): One week after training. first participants report their experience with PSM II certification.

Ort: Online in a virtual classroom.

year: 09:00 – 17:30

Tongue: german.

Preis: EUR 999 - 1,091 + 19% USt.

Payment method: Invoice, bank transfer or credit/debit card.

tools:We use Zoom, Mural and Google Apps for public virtual training to ensure the best learning experience. If you need to use other applications, e.g. B. Microsoft Teams, please contact us for more options.


👉Close your membership now:PSM II Certified Advanced Professional Scrum Master Online Training - October 30 & 31, 2023.

Customer Reports:

“Very practical course with lots of specific scenarios to help with real life scenarios. It reinforced the practices and highlighted the things that helped pass the PSM II exam, but that was just an add-on as the content of the course is extremely useful - whether you have certificates or not. Stefan Wolpers is an excellent instructor with extensive practical and theoretical knowledge in the subject, and his courses have a very good working atmosphere (it was the second course I attended). (To combine.)
“It was the second time I attended a training run by Stefan and I highly recommend it. Stefan places great emphasis on triggering structures and interactions between students. He is a great trainer and his classes are very engaging. Overall, one of my best learning experiences. Two days after the course, I felt very confident taking the PSM II exam and I passed first time.” (To combine.)

“Great PSM II experience: I've been looking forward to taking this course for literally years, it was everything I expected, hoped for and more. I am so thankful that this was a virtual online course as it added an extra dimension to my learning and was extremely insightful. The instructor did a great job guiding us through the learning plan, facilitating discussions, guiding results and believing in structures. Whether the learning was a tangible curriculum or elusive observation, it was excellent – ​​made even more robust by the open exchange of ideas between my classmates and the willingness of everyone to participate.”To combine.)

“Thank you Stefan Wolpers for the great Scrum Workshop [PSM II] and everyone else for the amount of great discussions we had. I certainly learned a lot!” (To combine.)

“Great course and great trainer. [PSM II course] was great fun and we exchanged many experiences between advanced classmates. @Stefan: keep playing!”(To combine.)

“First of all, thank you to Stefan Wolpers for organizing a truly amazing PSM II course with soulful, passionate people and fascinating discussions.” (To combine.)

“It was an absolutely great experience with this course (4 days, 4 hours each) taught by Stefan Wolpers. I am very impressed with how the [4-day] program was designed and delivered, especially with the Liberation structures. There was no team sharing and learning, and no real thought process to deal with issues in real time as a scrum master. I would without a doubt recommend his session."(To combine.)

“Amazing classes, amazing trainer, very helpful and insightful. Stefan gives you everything you need to know about SCRUM as a Scrum Master. His experience is very impressive. It was a really great lesson! Thank you, Stefan!” (To combine.)

Because you don't want to miss this PSM course

There are several reasons why you should take part in Stefan's Professional Scrum Master training:

  • All tasks are done in small groups
  • You will meet 12 to 16 like-minded people
  • The price of the course includes up to two PSM II certification attempts
  • By participating in the program, you will receive an additional 14 PMI PDUs
  • Extensive teaching materials, digital and analogue, and various e-books on the daily life of a Professional Scrum Master
  • You get exclusive access to the Hands-on Agile Slack community and continue your exchange with Stefan as an alumnus

Additional discounts are available for additional courses and some certifications.

Class details



Delivery method

Live virtual classroom

Time zone: Europe/Berlin

Start/end time: 09:00 - 17:30


Principle: October 30, 2023

End: October 31, 2023

Class format



Berlin Product People GmbH

Registration and price

Cena: 1299 euro

Cena Early Bird: €1,189 (until October 24, 2023)

Prices include 19% VAT. Implementation of the "reverse charge" procedure is possible for participants from outside Germany, please contact us. Prices include 19% VAT. For non-German students, the VAT "reverse charge" procedure may apply. contact usStatuteUse.


More information

Who should attend the training?

This Advanced Scrum Master training focuses on developing participants' understanding of the role of a Scrum Master and what makes a Scrum Master successful. Therefore, the classes are suitable for practicing Scrum Masters who want to support their professional development and take the next step in their career.

Please note that the Professional Scrum Master II classes are not suitable for beginners. The PSM II training requires participants to have advanced knowledge of Scrum and practical experience in supporting Scrum teams for at least 6-12 months. It is also recommended to complete the PSM-I training in advance.

Professional Scrum Trainer Stefan Wolperswill lead the lesson. Stefan has extensive software development experience, is an active member of the Berlin Agile Community, is a licensed Agile Fluency™ Facilitator and XSCALE Alliance Agility Business Agility Coach.

Learning activities include interactive exploration, discussion, and exercises based on, for example, release structures or brief briefings. The techniques you learn can be applied immediately after the course in your team environment.

Advanced Scrum Master Training (PSM II) topic

The course details the roles that Scrum Masters must assume in the face of complexity, internal organizational structures, obsolete technology, difficult market conditions or difficult people, namely:

  • Scrum Master as a teacher
  • Scrum Master jako Coach i Mentor
  • Scrum Master as a facilitator
  • Scrum Master as a change agent.

As a Scrum Master, you are considered the point of contact for all Agility and Scrum issues in your organization and the most important change agent. That's why you need to know the techniques, tools, and practices that will allow you to support executives, stakeholders, product owners, and Scrum teams on their journey to achieving business agility.

This Advanced Scrum Master Training (PSM II) is an excellent starting point for a career as a professional Scrum Master. In the training, we will share tools, our lessons, exercises and stories that will help you master Scrum better. We will also make extensive use of the Scrum Master's most powerful technical background so far - Liberating Structures.

What to take home

Both the PSM II Handbook and the PSM II Certification Code are available as part of this Advanced Scrum Master training. (Includes an additional free code within the first 14 days of training completion if the participant does not meet the 85% threshold required for successful certification on the first attempt.)

In addition, you will receive a book and several e-books explaining proven, practical tactics that will help you improve as a Scrum Master and thus increase your professional potential.

Please note that although the Professional Scrum Master II training includes PSM II certification, this training is not directly related to this certification. This PSM II course is not primarily about achieving the PSM II certification, but about making the participating Scrum Masters more successful in their profession.

Because you don't want to miss this PSM-II course

  • There are several reasons why you should take part in the Stefan PSM I training:
  • All tasks are done in small groups
  • No more than 12-16 participants
  • The price of the course includes a maximum of two PSM I certification attempts
  • By participating in the program, you will receive an additional 14 PMI PDUs
  • Extensive teaching materials, digital and analogue, and various e-books on the daily life of a Professional Scrum Master
  • You get exclusive access to the Hands-on Agile Slack community and continue to exchange with Stefan as a course participant
  • You also have priority access to Agile Camp Berlin tickets
  • You will receive a discount for the next professional Scrum training.

How do you prepare for the Advanced Professional Scrum Master training?

You'll even better complete this PSM II course if you invest a few hours early and study the following articles, guides, e-books, and exercises:

(Contact Stefan Wolpers for a full list of recommended resources.)

Your professional Scrum trainer Stefan Wolpers

Your professional scrum trainer and agile trainer is Stefan Wolpers from Berlin. Stefan has over 16 years of experience in agile product development. During this time, Stefan worked as an agile trainer, scrum master and product owner in various organizations: from startups and a Google subsidiary to DAX companies.

Find out more about yoursProfessional Scrum Trainer Stefan Wolpers.


    mobile: +49 171 30 30 321 (WhatsApp, Telegram)

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