The biggest changes that arrive at Medicare in 2023 (2023)

The biggest changes that arrive at Medicare in 2023 (1) / AARP

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Some of the biggest changes in medicating in the years will enter into force in 2023, with more than 65 million Americans pay primaries and lower deductibles and the effects of historical legislation to reduce the costs of prescription medications that have been out of control.

In addition, a series of changes to improve the way in which Medicare can access will enter into force on behavioral medicine in 2023. The changes could also occur in telemedicine.Pandemie Covid-19Congress will continue as expected, while others will be raised at some point in 2023, the Public Health emergency of the Public Health of Coronavirus.

"We keep the more than 65 million people in the Medicare program in the center of everything we do," AARP in an interview with AARP to AARP to AARP."All the work we do is care to make them more accessible, to work better and make it more affordable."

Here is a closer look at the biggest changes that come in Medicare in 2023.

For most Medicare beneficiaries,Partly b promThey are directly deduced from their monthly payments for Social Security.The inclusion of social security adaptation (tail) of social security in 2023 at 8.7 percent, Americans who are registered in both programs will see more money in their pockets every month.

The highest monthly rates of 7 percent ofMedicare favored with high incomeIn addition, the beneficiary of Part B with an annual income of more than $ 97,000 will decrease more than the standard premium, how much more will depend on its income.For example, someone who submits an individual tax declaration whose income between 97,000 and 123,000 USD is $ 230.80 per month for part B. Awards for high -income beneficiaries in 2022 to $ 238.10.

Registration inMedicare advantage(MA), the private health insurance alternative for Medicare Original, will probably continue to grow in 2023. The experts expect half of all Medicare participants to have selected a MA plan for the New Year.These private plans offer a "return" pension, in which the insurer covers a part or monthly premium of a member in part B.

Self -service also sink

Annual B part by 2023 falls to $ 226, a decrease of $ 7 compared to 2022 and the first decrease in a decade.

The annual deductibles in Medicare Advantage plans and the independent recipe medication plans of part D vary according to the plan you choose and where you live.Parte D Self -Reservation.This limit is $ 505 by 2023, compared to USD $ 480 in 2022.

Part A increases costs

A fixed cost in Medicare that increasesPart to deductible.During the majority of Medicare participants for part A, there is no monthly cousin that covers the hospital of hospitalized patients, a qualified care center, a hospice and some domestic health services, a deductible is calculated for each stay in the hospital.

By 2023, the part of a deductible is $ 1,600 per stay, an increase of $ 44 compared to 2022. For those who have not worked enough to qualify for the release of premium, the monthly premium will also increase.The entire part of a premium is US $ 2023 per month, an increase of $ 7. Depending on whether a beneficiary has to pay the full part, it depends on the work history of its spouse.You must ask with your plan for hospital rates.

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Covered insulin copagos

According to the 2022 inflation reduction law, which includes a series of provisions to reduce the prices of prescribed medications for Medicare beneficiaries since 2023Insulin that covers a Medicare medication planIt is limited with US dollars.Participants do not have to pay more than 35 US dollars, even if they have not yet fulfilled their annual part -D autoinitating.

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As of July 1, Medicare will drive through a bomb, which conducts its insulin permanently through a pump as part of part BMedical equipmentThe benefit does not have to pay a deductible and also benefits the upper co -payment limit of USD 35.

An additional provision of the new law requires that some high price of price negotiation are subject to medication manufacturers.

Free vaccines

Also in accordance with the new law, vaccines that centers recommend vaccines for disease control and prevention of immunization practices (ACIP) are recommended by Medicare with adult prescription insurance for adultfree.

Some vaccines are covered by part B and are already free to Medicare.

For example, recordings for flu, pneumonia,COVID-19 (first recordings and reinforcement)And hepatitis B for some participants is free of part B and this coverage will continue in 2023. Part B also covers vaccines required to treat certain injuries or if they have direct exposure to a disease.

Other vaccines, especially two dose tub,Wachen against tiles are covered by part DPrescribed medication plans and may require shared costs depending on the plan.

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Drug manufacturers are exposed to punishments due to high price increases

An additional provision of the new law, which is totally effective in 2023, requires that Pharmaceutical manufacturers Medicare pay a discount if it increases the prices of their medications rather than the general inflation rate.

From 2023, companies that partially queues, medicines bought in pharmacies and bought medications are generally administered in medical practices, will be exposed to punishments if prices increase more than the inflation rate of discounts thatCompanies must be the amount in which the price of a medicine increased by increasing the equal inflation, multiplied by what Medicare paid for all sales of this medicine.

This new requirement intends to prevent pharmaceutical companies from increasing their prices through inflation.The investigations of the Family Foundation of the impartial emperor, the prices of half of all medications covered by Medicare increased more than the inflation rate.

Beginnings of price negotiations

For September 1, Medicare will announce the first 10 parts of the D, which will begin a first process in which Medicare will begin in accordance with the new lawNegotiate prices with medication manufacturersSeshamani said, and "will have a huge impact on the fact that people with Medicare offer more affordability for medications."

The negotiated prices for this first group of pharmaceutical products that are selected from the 50 medications, for which Medicare's reward medication plans spend more, will enter into force in 2026.

Some telemedicine rules will change

During the pandemic, Medicare expanded the availability of telemedicine.This included the patient to talk by phone with suppliers, not only for personal video calls, that Medicare's rules had required.They would stop, including physical, professional and linguistic therapists.

The expansion of these additional services was made possible and the way in which telemedicine visits can be made, since Medicare's public officials could temporarily renounce the existing rules due to the public health of the Coronavirus.Services only available for another 151 days, says Seshamani..Congress must act to expand this pandemic expansion or do them permanently.

An area in which the new flexibility of telemedicine has been carried out is permanently is the health of behavior.The beneficiaries can only access these visits through the video.

Greater emphasis on behavior health

"It is a lot that the mobilization of the workforce for behavior health in relation to the mobilization of behavior health comes," says Seshamani.

Medicare pays for clinical social workers, psychologists and other behavioral health specialists as part of the visit to the basic care of a beneficiary ", so that they can receive their behavioral health services there so that the whole person is attended to marriage withlicense and licensed and licensed. Family therapists.

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In addition, Medicare will expand your drug abuse services."We will pay for mobile delivery trucks, for example, for opioid treatment, to take care of where people are," says Seshamani.

A certain approach to dental care

State Medical InsuranceIt does not cover routine dental carePay a dental work that is required in relation to another medical intervention, P.B.Pull a tooth during the operation of the jaw.Since 2023 the program expands the type of "medically necessary" dental service, which will cover with other procedures if necessary, P.B.Cleaning or other dental work that improves the result of an organ transplant or cancer treatment.

Access to records improved

As of January, you do not have to wait as long as the people who are justified in the official registration times for Medicare.Registered when questioned for the first time.

Before this new rule, the people who had registered for Medicare had to wait two or three months later, generally within three months of 65 years after 65 years to make reports. For example, he reported during the general registration time(Registration from January 1 to March 31) to wait for reports in July.

From 2023, its coverage will be applied at the beginning of the following month, provided that it requests during the general registration period or during a special registration period for Medicare, or during a special registration period.

People who enter into doubt for some of the new special registration times include: people who lost their initial registration time because they were affected by a natural disaster;And the people who received bad information from an employer who promoted them notSpecial registration period for Medicare if you lose your Medicaid coverage.This will be particularly important if the emergency of the public the health of COVID-19 is canceled.

Dena Bunis covers medicine, medical care, health policy and Congress.BELETIN AARP.As a prize -winHeOrange County RegistryAnd as the author of the health and labor policy forNews Day.

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