The most energy efficient electric radiators in the UK in 2022 - beeco (2023)

Electric heating is undoubtedly the future as solar, wind and hydroelectric sources provide us with cleaner electricity to heat our homes. But how energy efficient are electric radiators?

This guide covers some of the most energy efficient electric radiators including free standing, wall mounted, upright and central heating radiators. To answer your energy efficiency questions and help you figure out which features are important (and which aren't), we've also written a helpful buying guide at the end of this article!

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Our selection of the best energy efficient electric radiators in the UK

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The best electric panel heater for central heating

The most energy efficient electric radiators in the UK in 2022 - beeco (1)

Panel heaters that use radiation instead of convection are very energy efficient; Check out our buyers guide below to learn more about the distinction. The best electric panel heater for central heating is this SUNHEAT model. Please note that it does not connect to your water system like a traditional radiator, it must be plugged into an electrical outlet.

These ecological electric heaters heat objects instead of air, such as the sun's rays coming through a window.These are the most efficient radiators available which is why they are at the top of our list!


  • very energy efficient
  • decent price
  • Good heat with little power

In contrast

  • heating platesmustbe mounted on the wall
  • An additional suspension kit is required for ceiling installation
heater typeinfrared radiation
accessorymounted on the wall
thermostat controlNO
security featuressplash proof

Electric radiator with greater energy efficiency: independent

The most energy efficient electric radiators in the UK in 2022 - beeco (2)

The most energy efficient electric radiators are those installed in your home or infrared mounted on the wall. But if you're renting a house, or for some reason just can't fit a wall mounted radiator, then this is the most efficient freestanding model available.

The NETTA 2500 W oil-filled radiator is ideal for heating large rooms and is inexpensive. Compared to other standard radiators in this price range, the NETTA models had better safety features and decent energy efficiency. Thumbs up from us!


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  • Good security features
  • decent efficiency
  • Ideal for large rooms.

In contrast

  • difficult to move
  • Higher mode consumes power much faster than lower modes
heater typeoil-filled convection
accessorystand alone (portable)
Size55 x 12 x 46 cm
thermostat control3 power levels
security featuresGreat

Energy efficient electric radiator:Mounted on the wall!

The most energy efficient electric radiators in the UK in 2022 - beeco (3)

Among the most energy efficient electric radiators (wall convection), ROINTE is one of the most reliable brands. We've picked one of their smallest models to show you in this list. It works efficiently and is incredibly reliable.

This particular model is a favorite for conservatories, hallways and small spaces.

For more wall mounted options keep an eye on our website as a top list is coming soon.


  • very reliable
  • 10 year guarantee
  • ROINTE's brand mission focuses on efficiency

In contrast

  • Small size
  • high price
  • Some people had trouble setting it up
heater typeConvection
accessorymounted on the wall
Size52 x 58 x 9,8 cm
thermostat control4 programs, 3 modes, manual and remote controlled
security featuresGreat

For more wall mount options, see ourRange of energy efficient electric heaters, wall mounted edition.

The most energy efficient electricitybathroomcooler

The most energy efficient electric radiators in the UK in 2022 - beeco (4)

Not all inexpensive electric radiators are sufficient for a bathroom. Many UK bathrooms do not use standard sockets for safety reasons, so you cannot simply plug in a free standing radiator as this would pose a fire hazard.

If you are determined to have an electric radiator in your bathroom, we recommend the MYLEK vertical infrared heating panel. Your electrician may need to make an outlet for you, but that's a small price to pay for long-term energy savings.

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This infrared model was specially developed for the bathroom, so it is even more resistant to water and moisture than other models and has an integrated towel rail.


  • Efficient Energy
  • Doubles as a towel holder, thus saving space

In contrast

  • Quite small, only fits in a towel.
  • When it comes to heating your bathroom, you don't have many options!
heater typeinfrared radiation
accessorymounted on the wall
Size120 x 6 x 50 cm
thermostat controlAnd
security featuresProtection class IP24 for bathrooms and kitchens

The best eco-friendly portable electric heater

The most energy efficient electric radiators in the UK in 2022 - beeco (5)

A portable electric heater needs to be lightweight, so we've ruled out all oil-filled storage heaters from the start, even the most energy efficient.

Of the remaining oil-free space heaters, the 1.5 kW dimplex was the best fit. It's moderately energy efficient and fairly light. It also has wheels on the base and a molded carry handle that makes it easy to transport.


  • very wearable
  • good efficiency
  • 3 year manufacturer guarantee

In contrast

  • Not usablewith extension cord
  • No timer settings
heater typeConvection
accessoryStand alone (portable)
Size16,6 x 45,2 x 64,8 cm
thermostat control3 configurations
security featuresGood safety toggle switch

Buy from Amazon

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The best electric vertical radiator: infrared!

The most energy efficient electric radiators in the UK in 2022 - beeco (6)

The best low consumption electric heaters are infrared heaters. In addition to their energy efficiency, they are also quite versatile in size. This vertical ICON radiator is only 10 cm deep, but it can efficiently heat a room by warming objects and people in it.

It comes with a 5-year warranty and a host of smart features. As you've probably guessed, the price doesn't come cheap. But is it worth it? 100%.


  • Superslim design
  • very energy efficient

In contrast

  • App controls can be temperamental
  • high price
heater typeinfrared radiation
accessorymounted on the wall
Size45 x 110 x 10,5 cm
thermostat controlApp control, timers, detection modes.
security featuresGreat

What should be considered when buying an energy-efficient electric radiator?

These are the criteria we analyze when deciding on the energy efficiency of each radiator. We also explain what the difference is between a radiator and a heater (more or less) so that you have more clarity when buying an ecological solution.

There are a few different types of radiators, so let's clear up what they mean.

What makes an electric radiator energy efficient?

To be classified as an energy efficient radiator, the product must be significantly more efficient than other heating solutions and other radiators. But of course things change over time. In 5 years (or even sooner) we will have to replace the models on this list with their successors.

So instead of giving a fixed number, e.g. "if it uses X energy, it's a green product" we need to see how the product compares, e.g. If Radiator X can produce the same heat as Radiator Y, but with half the power, it ismore energy efficientand a more ecological product”.

In the UK in 2019 theaverage energy billit amounted to £1,289 a year. With rising living costsDear guestsexpect the figure to rise to £3,000 a year by the end of 2022, pushing 40% of UK households into fuel poverty.

That is why energy-efficient heating is like thisunbelievableimportant.

But apart from the heating bill, there are factors other than energy consumption that affect radiator efficiency. The size, the environment in your room, the materials used to make the radiator, and the type of radiator also affect efficiency. find out below.

The difference between electric radiators and electric heaters

There are several electrical heating options available. One of the first decisions you need to make is whether electric radiators or electric heaters are better for you. The problem is that these terms are often used interchangeably and in the UK the term 'radiator' can loosely be used for any type of heating appliance. A better way to look at heaters and radiators is the mechanism they use:

Convection– These heaters use an electrical element that heats the air, which then heats the objects in the room (including you). The element heats up, generating heat that is emitted somewhat unevenly as air currents sweep it or blow it out of the room. Not only is this type of heating the least efficient, it also dries the air in your home.

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Traditional radiators that are connected to your home and use hot water or steam also rely on convection to heat the air that then flows through the room.

radiation– Unlike convection, which only heats air, a heater that uses radiation conducts the heat away from the heater and instead warms objects and people. This is more efficient than convection because it cuts out the middleman: the air in the room.

Heaters that rely on radiation, such as infrared waves, are slower and more expensive. For this reason, many electric heaters rely solely on convection or a combination of radiation and convection together.

The way the room is heated has a major impact on energy efficiency, but so do other factors. We'll cover them below.

look for features

room compatibility

When you heat your living room or bedroom you need constant heat and you will probably have your heating on for a long time. The reliability and long-lasting warmth of a radiator, such as B. an inertial heater, is ideal for energy efficiency in these rooms.

Rooms that only need to be heated for a short time can rely on convection heaters, which quickly give off a lot of heat. Since the heater isn't used as often, you can get away with a more inefficient heating method (although in an ideal world you'd be using the most efficient option in each room). Speed ​​is also an advantage here.

Important NOTE: In terms of energy efficiency, central heating with electric radiators, panel heating or even underfloor heating throughout the house is still more efficient than using just one portable heater per room. But we know you may not have a choice (especially if you're renting), so finding the most efficient model is still an advantage.


The size and shape of the room will determine whether you have wall space for a mounted heater or whether you need a space heater style radiator.

The radiator must have enough power to heat the room efficiently. Some radiators and heaters state in the description the size of the room they are suitable for.

thermostat control

Most electric models should come with a thermostat controller, but if you want to adjust the temperature or use additional features, you'll have to be prepared to pay more. Some of the higher-end heaters use features like motion sensors to detect when a window is opened and then reduce the heat output to avoid wasting energy.

Whatever heater or radiator you buy you will know it is a good energy efficient option when you select it from our list.

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