Top 10 YouTube channels for complete home workouts (2023)

Editor's Note: This was originally published in June 2017.

With summer officially here, the desire to get physically fit and achieve that “beach body” (whatever that is) is at an all-time high. Be it the general decline in old clothes or the high temperatures that make all the differenceuncomfortable,People want to look good and feel good.

Unfortunately for all of us who are late to the fitness game (those who missed those New Year's resolutions but have big plans to smash them next year), that coveted summer body may not be a reality just yet. What do you do then? Get a gym membership and promise you'll get going every morning before overspending on a photo-worthy bowl of acai?

Perhaps. But honestly? Probably not.

Because? Well, those gyms are too hot for a mid-July workout. Second, despite what many popular gym chains would have members believe, "shyness" is very importantrealand verymiserable.No one wants to hit the gym after a long winter and avoid doing just that, just to stick to the nearest cardio machine and hope for the best.

Enter YouTube, the savior of all gym haters. We've scoured the masses and found 10 channels that specialize in offering a complete workout from the comfort of your own home, so sit back, don't relax and work up a sweat.

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After posting her first video on YouTube in 2009, Cassey Ho's distinctive training vision has grown into one of the largest women-centric fitness empires on the web:Blogilate.Although the exercises focus on the class developed by Ho-POP Pilates, which combines pop music and Pilates movements to create a more danceable exercise, a wide variety of videos are available, from single song challenges to more than 20-minute workouts. . Each video is without equipment aside from the optional (but recommended) yoga mat. The best part? Ho preaches body positivity and fearlessly uploads videos detailing her struggles with her self-image. If you're new to the channel, we recommend the POP Pilates for Beginners: Total Body Workout; for a challenge, a video from the PIIT series Total Body Slim Down.

2.The fitness quarterback

Since founding the channel in 2014, Caleb Marshall has provided a steady stream of fun, soulful, and easy-to-use dance videos perfect for a quick cardio session. The videos feature dancers of all skill levels, and that combined with Marshall's near-constant comedic interjections (not to mention hisfacial expressions) eliminate any fear of looking silly during the "cardio concert". Plus, since everyone samples a different top 40 track, the training aspect is quickly forgotten when the infectious beats take over. Although the videos are short, you can put some together in a playlist for a longer workout.


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Because "every heart and soul deserves to be in shape",HATfithas committed to offer its entire program for free. This doesn't seem like a huge problem until you realize that not only does the company offer over 1,000 full workout routines via YouTube, but they also offer 30- to 90-day exercise and nutrition plans. Even better, these hours accommodate a wide range of activity levels and dietary restrictions. While the full programs are only available on theHATfitAll of the individual routines can be found on the company's channel website, as well as an estimated calorie burn for each. For a beginner workout, watch the video linked above; To really get your heart rate up, try one of the longer Tabata HIIT exercises.

4.Leslie Sansone's way home

In the opening minutes, Leslie Sansone's shows are reminiscent of cheesy 1980s exercise videos, filled with ever-present smiles, steady beats, and tightly synchronized movements. After you've completed one of his 45 minute videos and probably worked up a sweat, you'll quickly find that yourgothey are much more than it seems. By incorporating interval training (although not specifically stated) and participants' movement throughout the exercise,walking homeoffers a complete workout without equipment. It's perfect for people struggling with various physical limitations or just wanting to find an alternative form of cardio to the classic options. We recommend the shorter one-kilometer hikes for beginners; To take it a little better, try the weighted videos for an extra strength workout.

5.tone it up

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As best friends and trainers, Karena created Dawn and Katrina Scotttone it upNo one could have predicted the success of the company's remote training methods just a few years later. Unfortunately, some key factors don't come for free, like the highly acclaimed meal plan and annual exercise DVDs. It's still possible to achieve incredible results with the shorter but equally dense workout videos and recipes posted on YouTube. The Best At-Home Regimen combines YouTube and the Trainer website, which posts daily schedules that combine various videos from the channel to create a complete workout. To take it a step further, connect with the TIU community on Instagram for daily investigations and challenges, like the annual Bikini Challenge.


Certified personal trainer Jessica Smith showcases her 15 years of experience in organized weekly full-length videos. From meditation and gait to HIIT and barre, the channel is neatly divided into 13 playlists that actually stick (rare in the internet fitness industry). These videos provide options for people with physical disabilities, whether they are wheelchair bound, have fragile joints, or have prenatal or postnatal body changes. And their adorable, frequently featured dog is an added bonus (is it just us or is he much more related to?). For those just starting to lose weight, we recommend the HIIT for Beginners series and the free four-week plan that comes with it.


POPSUGAR gymIt's the health division of the popular media and entertainment company, offering a break from the celebrity gossip and fashion pieces that usually stand out. Given its origins, it makes sense that the channel would focus on today's hottest workouts, like the Victoria's Secret Model Workout shown above or the myriad of celebrity-approved methods. However, the trend factor is no reason to dismiss the channel as trivial, as it also provides brief breakdowns of often incorrectly performed exercises such as squats or basic stretches. Additionally, the wide range of exercises available, from the bar method to P90X, ensures users can complete a complete fitness plan from the comfort of their own home.



With more than four million subscribersFitness-Mixerhas become the ultimate resource for home exercise videos. With over 500 full exercises (ranging from 10 minutes to over an hour) and 25 years of experience between the man and woman workout duo, the channel can easily be used as the sole resource for creating a complete workout routine. They advertise "no gimmicks," which is true, as you always know what to expect, from the headlines stating if equipment is needed, to the on-screen timer that tracks the seconds until a drill is completed. While the videos are completely free, the trainers offer scheduled programs at a low price compared to many others in the industry. For a challenge, choose one of the videos with "Brutal" in the title; that's exactly what it will be.


Althoughagreeis another company that offers most of its content through paid downloads, subscription services, and DVDs, it can still be a great resource for free home workouts. It contains a large number of videos ranging from 10 to 20 minutes, created by top fitness trainers such as Denise Austin, Jane Fonda and Scott Herman to name a few. While this channel is perfect for those looking to get their heart rate up in less time, there are several longer videos scattered across the lineup for those with more time on their hands. Unlike some on this list, this channel is definitely not aimed specifically at women and offers many workouts that would be suitable for men looking for a challenge.

10Yoga with Adriene

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Texas-based actress and yoga teacher Adriene Mishler took her motto, "Find what feels good," to YouTube and hasn't looked back since. From her weight loss videos with an odd juxtaposition of soothing words and sweaty poses to her practices that focus on specific ailments like anxiety and migraines, the channel covers the full spectrum of body and mind improvement. Additionally, with shorter, more focused clips that describe the correct form of popular poses, Mishler carefully and safely guides users through the fundamentals of yoga. For both beginners and experienced yogis, we recommend doing one of their 30-day programs, the perfect way to measure practice progress over time.

Emma Korstanjeis a freelance journalist based in Athens, Georgia.


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