Top 11 Highest Paid Digital Marketing Skills In Demand [2023] (2023)

The year is 2023 and skills are considered important, if not more important than a degree to get a well paying job. Of all the skills there isDigital Marketing SkillsThey grow faster than expected.

Digital marketing has evolved from advertising on websites to data analytics. And the most exciting part is that it's still evolving. With AI, technology and content creation seeing new trends every day, digital marketing skills are sure to land you a well-paying career in 2023.

But before we dive into the 11 digital marketing skills that are trending in the industry, let me first tell you what common personalities or soft skills are required to fit into any of the digital marketing skills.

  • strong communication
  • multitasking ability
  • creatively inclined
  • Troubleshooting errors
  • question oddities
  • Ability to adapt to constantly changing trends.
  • Analytical and logical thinking.

While you don't need a 10/10 for all of the soft skills listed above, if you're curious to learn them all on the job, you'll make a lasting impression on your manager.

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But wait, why do you need to specialize in one skill/niche in digital marketing?

The 11 Highest Paying Digital Marketing Skills to Master:

How Can I Get a Well Paying Job in Digital Marketing?

Frequently Asked Questions


But wait, why do you need to specialize in one skill/niche in digital marketing?

In 2023, the demand for digital services is greater and the need for trained digital marketing professionals is even greater. To bridge the gap and ensure their campaigns are well served, brands are willing to hire digital marketing specialists for specific platforms and niches.

For example, every brand that deals with digital marketing has a social media manager and a search engine optimization manager who work together but take care of each platform as if it were their niche.

Therefore, specializing in a specific digital marketing skill will always earn you a higher salary!

Now that we know the benefits of specializing in digital marketing skills, let's look at the 11 highest paying digital marketing skills you can master.

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But if you are new to this industry, why not sign up for itfree master classabout the basics of digital marketing and have a good understanding before you start looking for digital marketing skills?

We also provide salary information for each of the digital marketing skills worldwide and in India.

So let's dive into the list.

The 11 Highest Paying Digital Marketing Skills to Master:

Here is a list of the 11 highest paying digital marketing skills you should master in 2023:

1. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation lies on the software and technical side, which is the heavy end of the digital marketing spectrum.

A marketing automation specialist uses and optimizes software to automate marketing activities. Identify leads and leads and automate the process of converting them into sales. It does this through email marketing, SMS marketing, website notifications, push notifications, and pop-ups.

Marketing automation essentially drives the entire sales funnel as it builds a large user base and also increases awareness of your brand. The more people know about your brand, the more they will trust and eventually buy from you. The consumer will not buy when they first enter the site. Marketing automation keeps you relevant in the mind of the consumer, which eventually leads to sales.

The average salary for a Marketing Automation Specialist is approx.8 LPAin India (Ambition Box).

Top 11 Highest Paid Digital Marketing Skills In Demand [2023] (3)

Recommendation:Learn marketing automation along with many other digital marketing skills from the best in the business at IIDEMBA in Digital Marketing – PG program.

2. Video Production and Marketing

Video production and marketing has quickly become the central focus of any marketing strategy. All companies push video content because it quickly grabs users' attention.

With audiences rapidly shifting to smartphones in today's world, today's youth are more engaged with video content than ever. It is no longer just an entertainment medium, but a powerful tool for advertising and lead generation, especially on social media platforms.

The introduction of apps like TikTok and features like Instagram Reels have changed the way video content is perceived. a study byHubspotshows that 50% of consumers prefer video content from their brands to all other content. Therefore, video production and marketing has become one of the most important digital marketing skills of the decade.

A video producer can earnINR 6 LPAin India on average according to Ambition Box.

Top 11 Highest Paid Digital Marketing Skills In Demand [2023] (4)

3. Paid Media Specialist

A paid media specialist is responsible for driving traffic to their web portals through online advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. As a paid media specialist, you need to have the best of both worlds - a combination of creativity and creativity. analytical mind.

They must quickly identify which platforms are best to reach their audience and be creative with their media buying skills to get the best input optimization for higher performance.

Digital advertising is growing at a rapid pace worldwide. This means that paid media specialists are in the sweet spot. The digital ad spend market was worth approximately $190 billion in 2016. This market has nearly doubled to $330 billion in just 4 years and is expected to reach just $786.2 billion by 2026. These numbers are being affected by the pandemic, so you can imagine what would happen in an ideal scenario.

60% of marketing budgets go to digital spend, contributing to the fact that every digital team needs a paid media specialist.

An important part of paid media is social media marketing, which is one of the emerging professional profiles in 2023 as the pandemic has pushed more people to spend the maximum time online. It's no secret that social media is growing tremendously and the engagement rate on social media has only increased, which means the need for a social media marketing strategist will also increase.

The role of a social media marketing strategist includes planning, executing, generating brand ideas, managing and overseeing the company's social media strategy to increase brand awareness, which will ultimately increase the company's sales

A paid media specialist earns aroundINR 8.8 LPAin India according to Ambition Box.

Top 11 Highest Paid Digital Marketing Skills In Demand [2023] (5)

Recommendation:To become a paid media expert, you need to be knowledgeable about social media marketing, Google ads, and media planning and buying. Sign up for the following courses to learn them:Online-Social-Media-Marketing-Kurs,Google Ads Online course, jOnline Media Planning Course.

4. Content Marketing Specialist

Today, search engine optimization is not enough to drive traffic to your website. Yesterday's tactics have now been replaced by a strong need for quality content.

Today's customers don't act until they're impressed with the content a company has published. Content marketers optimize the content that the company publishes so that it is of the highest quality and drives traffic to an organization's various websites. This is a form of unpaid advertising, unlike social media ads.

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A business needs to stay relevant and fresh with its content on social media as the audience has become more conscious and want to see quality content on social media or well-written blogs that promote content for the business.

This is very creative work and also the driving force behind all content marketing plans and strategies created. A content marketer has to be a people person as they deal with multiple team members to execute a strategy.

A content marketer in India makes aboutINR 6 LPAlaut Ambition Box.

Top 11 Highest Paid Digital Marketing Skills In Demand [2023] (6)

Recommendation:Learn how to create a holistic content marketing strategy that will attract and retain your desired audience, ultimately converting them into paying customers.Online Content Marketing Course with Certification

5. Analyse

If you love numbers, Analytics is for you.

Analytics is one of the core parts of a digital marketing team and one of the most technical skills in digital marketing. We have tons of data at our disposal today that is useless unless it is analyzed and used to benefit your brand. Today's consumer data shows a consumer's entire buying journey.

Analytics lets us know if the campaign was a success or failure, what adjustments need to be made to your plan, and how to attract a broader audience to your business. Analytics helps you streamline your sales funnel and spot any problem they face by simplifying it and helping them find solutions to it.

Digital marketing would be nowhere today if analytics weren't such an integral part of its evolution. The ability to analyze data and spot trends using various tools and turn them into an actionable step is very rare and a coveted skill without which a modern business cannot survive.

A data analyst may charge feesoneINR 4.4 LPAin India according to Ambition Box.

Top 11 Highest Paid Digital Marketing Skills In Demand [2023] (7)

Recommendation- Gain a deep understanding of user behavior, measure marketing efforts and make informed decisions about the performance of your website and marketing campaigns by testing IIDEsGoogle Analytics Online Course with Certification

6. SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is considered a perennial favorite in digital marketing. Positioning your website at the top of search results increases inbound traffic and your credibility.

Search Engine Optimization is a technical and analytical field that requires someone with knowledge of algorithms, how a search engine works, and a creative understanding of how content is linked to a search result.

Search engine optimization itself is an $80 billion industry. Just to illustrate why this is such a huge industry, here's a statistic: 93% of all activity on the Internet is initiated through a search engine.

75% of users don't even bother to look at the second page of search results. Read this blog about some keysSEO Benefitsand why companies attach so much importance to it.

The reason why Search Engine Optimization is a relevant skill is because the trends in the SEO market are evolving rapidly as there are constant algorithm updates that change website optimization tactics and therefore need to be re-optimized.

A search engine optimization specialist can start with aboutINR 2 LPAin India according to Ambition Box.

Top 11 Highest Paid Digital Marketing Skills In Demand [2023] (8)

Recommendation:IIOnline SEO Course with Certificationwill teach you how to position your websites in Googlewith simple, proven strategies that will enable you to become an SEO specialist

7. Writing

This digital marketing skill seems so easy when you don't. After all, you only write a few words for a brand, right?

Mistake. Copywriting is so much more than that — it's the ability to fully capture a brand's sentiment, brand purpose, and USP in just a few sentences, or sometimes even words. You become the voice of the brand and need to work closely with the designer to ensure the text and design integrate seamlessly.

Copywriters are in high demand because they are responsible for creating copy and jingles that best help people resonate with brands and be remembered.

Would you like to improve your writing? dive into this oneCase study on Zomatoand many of themCase studies of your favorite brandsand analyze your copy. Also, discuss how they could have done better!

In terms of salary prospects, an entry-level copywriter can earn up to4.2 ALPin India according to Ambition Box.

Top 11 Highest Paid Digital Marketing Skills In Demand [2023] (9)

Recommendation:If you want to learn how to write and improve your digital marketing skills in this field, you can try this.Online writing course with certification. In this dedicated course, you will learn the art of digital copywriting, content writing basics, writing content for social media, and how to amplify your marketing efforts.

8. E-Mail-Marketing:

Email is a form of marketing that we've all used for a long time, and yet it's still one of the most valuable marketing strategies out there.

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Statistics show that email marketing has a return on investment (ROI) of $42 for every $1 spent, making it a higher return than you can expect from any other form of marketing, whether digital or otherwise.

The versatility of email marketing makes it one of the highest-paying digital marketing skills..It's used to capture inactive customers, convert leads, build customer loyalty, and more. You can submit exclusive offers, information about upcoming events, articles to subscribe to, and other useful content.

The average starting salary for an email marketing specialist is according to Ambition BoxINR 2.7 LPAIn India.

Top 11 Highest Paid Digital Marketing Skills In Demand [2023] (10)

Recommendation:If you're ready to harness the power of email marketing skills to run successful email marketing campaigns, you should definitely try IIDE.Email Marketing Certification CourseThis will help you build a powerful email list and create successful email marketing campaigns.

9. Website Development

Every business today wants to be online because that's where their users are. 51% of the world's population has access to the internet. The pandemic has only increased the importance of a website. It is not only a representation of goodwill, but also a means of doing business.

As a web developer, you guessed it, you need to be up to date with the different programming languages ​​used and have a knack for creating a functional yet attractive business website. It's one of the most in-demand digital marketing skills in today's overly digital world.

Your job as a web developer would involve creating and maintaining a website. Almost 50-60% of small businesses don't have a website even in today's booming global digital scenario. Every third person gathers information about a company online before buying a product. So if you're interested in coding and have mastered it, the market is looking for candidates like you.

A beginner in web development can easily get it3LPAin India according to Ambition Box.

Top 11 Highest Paid Digital Marketing Skills In Demand [2023] (11)

Recommendation:try thisOnline WordPress Courseto get the basics of website building up and running.

10. PPC (Pay Per Click)/Google Advertising

Ranking your website on the first page for organic result can bring benefits that will increase over time, but this process takes a while to get such a result. However, pay-per-click advertising is an option to get relevant visibility right away.

Your brand or business is guaranteed to appear in the best results. Except that you have to pay for every click on your ad. However, a higher bid does not mean your ad will show more often, as Ad Relevance and Quality Score are the factors that determine whether your ad should appear in the top results.

How you leverage your Quality Score and ad relevance is what makes PPC a skill. In addition to balancing your ad budget, you also need to understand what keywords you're targeting, what channels you're choosing, and what ad format best suits your ad.

Additionally, you need a better understanding of how to create a consistent experience for your audience. A good Quality Score lowers your cost per click and increases your profit.

PPC advertising is not only applicable to search engines, but also to social media, mobile apps, websites, directories and more, making it a very important skill to learn digital marketing.

A Pay Per Click Executive earns up toINR 3.1 LPAwhile according to Ambition Box he started in India.

Top 11 Highest Paid Digital Marketing Skills In Demand [2023] (12)

Recommendation: Mit IIDEGoogle Ads Online courseYou will learn the basics and best practices for creating effective advertising campaigns across search, display, app and YouTube. After completing this course, you will be able to easily create targeted Google Ads campaigns and become a Google Ads specialist. Therefore, we encourage you to try this course.

11. Design Basics

Even if you're not a designer, it always helps to know the basics of design. All your digital marketing skills are pretty much useless if you have to rely on a designer all the time.

To really learn how to design, we recommend learning the basics of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. To go even further and arm yourself with the design skills needed to create and execute results-driven digital campaigns, why not join us at IIDE and earn an MBA-equivalent digital design certification? You'll learn graphic design, UI/UX, and even web design skills, all through a hands-on approach.

However, if you are short on time and want to design something quickly,canvasis a good start.

A budding graphic designer can earn up toINR 3 LPAin India according to Ambition Box.

Top 11 Highest Paid Digital Marketing Skills In Demand [2023] (13)

Recommendation: Design has become one of the most emergingDigital Marketing Skills in 2023.If you're someone who is genuinely interested in design and has an eye for it, it's something you should take a look at.Online Advertising Design CourseKnow the basics of design.

What we just looked at were the 11 Best & Highest Paying Digital Marketing Skills to Master. Now you may want to know how to get a high paying job in digital marketing. Let's look at that now.

How Can I Get a Well Paying Job in Digital Marketing?

The demand for digital marketers is increasing in today's connected marketplace. It's without a doubt one of the most profitable careers out there.

Check over:

With this increasing demand, there is no doubt that the number of people choosing to pursue a career in digital marketing is also increasing. Therefore, it is very important to stand out from the competition in order to land the dream job.

Here are some tips on how to get a high-paying digital marketing job:

  • The first step would undoubtedly be learning the digital marketing skills you want to master and building expertise in them. Sound knowledge is the greatest asset a candidate can have. Choose an institute that will help you with the fundamental and practical skills of digital marketing. One of these courses is the IIDEOnline Course Digital Marketing. It prepares you with digital and managerial skills, which brings me to the next point.
  • Work on and strengthen your management skills. Most of the time, high-paying jobs are offered to applicants who are not only excellent at their job, but are also good coordinators, team workers, and have clear communication skills. Presence of mind is important to make certain decisions that are very common in digital marketing jobs. Many companies also take a digital marketing aptitude test and ask questions from different genres, so be prepared.
  • Work on your software skills as they are important for a smooth work experience in any company and position.
  • Research the companies you want to work with, find out about job openings and apply to them. Since this is a digital marketing job, try to craft creative application emails that will help you get noticed through the many applications they receive.
  • Build a strong digital presence on LinkedIn and connect with people in similar fields. A personal website would also be helpful as employers can take a look at your work and see if your work fits their company and the skills required.

These were just a few tips to get a well-paying digital marketing job. If you are new, check out this blog on theThe Best Digital Marketing Jobs for a Cooler and How to Get One.

In the last and other important section, you will find some additional information on how to improve your digital marketing skills.

How can you develop and improve your digital marketing skills?

In order to have a successful career in digital marketing, your skills need to evolve. Here are some tips that can help you improve your digital marketing skills.

  • Keep yourself updated with the latest trends:

With ever-evolving technologies and social media,neuTrends in digital marketingarise at any time. Pay more attention to the general developments in the advertising and digital industry. In addition, you need to develop a better understanding of trading strategy, industry news, sales strategy, trading strategies.

Not only is it necessary these days to know your digital marketing skills inside and out, but it is equally important to stay up to date on current relevance.

You can do this by looking at various magazine blogs that will give you information about brands, digital marketing trends, upcoming trends, predictions and much more.

New technologies and trends affect the competitiveness of your business and your sales strategies, so it is very important to be aware of them.

  • Improve your general skills:

In marketing, it is crucial to develop both your soft skills and your hard skills. The hard skills you need to develop as a digital marketer is the ability to illustrate the return on shareholders' marketing investments.

Then come soft skills ranging from creativity to collaboration to strong influence. These skills are the fundamentals you must possess in order to have a stable career in digital marketing. Knowing your work is one part and being able to present it to your clients and gain trust is another part that requires the same attention.

In addition to these managerial skills, you will need to attend courses regularly to keep your knowledge up to date.

  • real life experiences

If you've mastered all of the digital marketing skills we just discussed, maybe it's time to put them to use and get hands-on experience. With aOnline Course Digital Marketingin the IIDE you can do just that.

Bonus-Tipp:Find a mentor in the digital marketing industry through the diverse people you will meet at IIDE. Someone with experience can train you in the digital marketing skills you need to be successful.

You learn by working on real brands, with experts who are there and doing it, and through practical cases that help you apply all your knowledge. It's intense, practical and could lead to an internship or job that's perfect for you.

Another important tip to improve your digital marketing skills through hands-on experience is to apply for as many internships as possible. Internships serve as real testimonies of your skills and really help improve them from the ground up.

Now let's look at some frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What digital marketing skills are in demand?

As mentioned above, the digital marketing skills in demand are marketing automation.,Video Production & Marketing, Paid Media Specialist, Content Marketing Specialist, Analytics, SEO, Copywriting, Email Marketing, Website Development, PPC (Pay Per Click)/Google Ads and Design Fundamentals. All these skills also offer a good salary in the corporate world.

Q. What is the highest salary in digital marketing?

As for a managerial position, the highest salary in digital marketing is around INR 5,00,000. Where for manager role the highest average salary is INR 10,00,000. Although these numbers depend heavily on your experience, your experience in the industry and the size of the company. To learn more about the salaries offered for different digital marketing positions, visit this blog atDigital Marketing Salary in India - 10 Year Plan Included.

Q. How do I get a high paying digital marketing job?

To get a high-paying job, you must first acquire the right and in-demand digital marketing skills mentioned above. Sign up for a comprehensive course that gives you the up-to-date syllabus for each skill. The IIDE Online Digital Marketing Course is the right place to start. For more tips on how to get a high paying job, check out this blog at.


Digital marketing is one of the most popular career directions right now and embracing this digital wave will be very beneficial. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it even more important for businesses and organizations to go online and embrace digital marketing.

It is estimated that by 2023 digital marketing jobs will be created that will reach an all-time high, meaning digital marketing is here to stay.

We hope this blog can help you and educate you on the best digital marketing skills we think you should possess. A career in digital marketing is a very lucrative prospect and we hope this list of digital marketing skills has helped you take the first step towards your specialization.

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